Josh Metcalfe – Resume


Josh is a user experience focused, cross-functional, full stack product leader. He excels at leading new initiatives and keeping teams focused on collaboration and shipping. He’s a natural future-minded thinker, looking to align today’s realities with tomorrow’s possibilities. Josh is adaptive and excels in small agile environments.

Key Results

  • Envisioned, led and delivered new responsive web framework implementation for millions of parent and student users (Infinite Campus)
  • Identified, led, and delivered solution to resolve a cross-organizational, multi-data source problem which kept parent and student users from finding their login screen (Infinite Campus)
  • Led production of initial iOS and Android native apps to top standings in app store rankings (Infinite Campus)
  • Created, implemented and operated a direct support system for parent and student users (Infinite Campus)
  • Led change due to growth to establish processes and procedures as part of maturation of our product development organization. (Infinite Campus)
  • Managed team of developers, product analysts responsible for building new features into growing student information system (Infinite Campus)
  • Designed and built a custom student exchange partner selection, matching and communication application (Paar Mix)

Functional Skills

Strategic Planning | Product Design | Product Launch | Team and Cross-functional Organizational Leadership | Usability Testing | Functional Specification Writing

Interpersonal Skills

Adaptable | Strategic | Collaborative | Inclusive | Emotional Intelligence | Flexible | Diplomatic

Personality Types

Strengths Finders: Futuristic, Adaptability, Strategic, Restorative, Consistency

Discovery Insights: Inspirer |Myers Briggs: ENFP |Enneagram: 7



Pink Shirt Labs, Vero Beach, FL – 2023-present

While pursuing his own personal growth path, Josh gained an interest in helping others along their journey. The primary focus of Josh’s work is on the topic of fear and how humans are often stuck in patterns that keep them from living healthier, more productive lives and pursuing their ambitions. Digital content premiering winter 2024.


Clarifize, St. Paul, MN – 2019-2023

Co-designed, coded, tested & shipped the networking app, Twixt. Co-wrote pitch deck seeking investor funding.


Paar Mix, St. Paul, MN – 2018-2023

Founded and operated an education focused SaaS that originated from a school volunteer engagement. Josh operated this business as a solo founder, doing everything, customer facing discussions, backend architecture, UI/UX design, code frontend web and mobile apps. PSL offered a student exchange matching and virtual connection app.

Product Manager / Development Manager / Principal Software Engineer

Infinite Campus, Blaine, MN – 2000-2016

As one of the first employees of Infinite Campus, Josh helped grow a young company from one dozen school districts to a major nationwide player in the Student Information System (SIS) industry, serving over 7 million students in 45 states.

With over 16 years at Infinite Campus, Josh played nearly every role needed as the company and product grew. Josh began writing code. He ​led teams through transitions. Josh ​provided and executed vision for native mobile apps and a responsive web framework. He ​wrote functional requirements​, ​created designs​, ​taught himself new technologies, and most importantly, ​shipped​. He sold his ownership at the end of 2016.


Bachelor of Science – Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison